70 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is perhaps the most private corner in the entire household. Even though a person spends barely a few minutes in the bathroom, it’s the only place where he enjoys total seclusion and the most primitive level of comfort. The deciding factor behind bathroom decorating ideas is comfort. A proper mix of comfort along with style can make the bathroom look elegant and welcoming.

Before embarking on any bathroom decorating ideas, it’s important to decide the purpose or aim behind the decoration. Some people renovate their small bathroom in order to make it look larger while some want to give it a more airy and fresh appeal.

Again for those who want to make a small bathroom look larger, he can easily resort to light colors. Using light pastel shades can actually make a bathroom look bigger. There should be proper synchronization between the wall colors and the shower curtains. The fabric of the shower curtain should be nice and smooth and perfectly coordinated with the wall and ceiling color.

Lights play a major role in bathroom decorating ideas. Imaginative usage of colorful lights can give an altogether different feel to the bathroom. People with an inclination towards opulence can use scented candles and potpourris to create a romantic ambiance. Use of scented materials help to keep the air in the bathroom fresh, so that the guests don’t feel odd of the order when they make their way into this corner.

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Towels and towel racks are the next big thing that plays a significant role in bathroom decorating ideas. Traditional people can use white towels while the more adventurous type can go in for colored towels. However, the most important thing that needs to be borne in mind is the location of the towel racks.

The towel racks should be strategically placed near the sink or the bathtub. Along with towel racks, care should be taken to match the color of bathroom rags. The color of the rugs should match the color of the towels to add an extra zing to the decor.

Accessories along with basic items carry a lot of importance when it comes to the matter of spicing up bathroom decorating ideas. Potted plants are one of the most preferred accessory items that are used to make us feel closer to Mother Nature. Items like tooth brush holders, tissue paper holders, soap dispenser, and so on helps to add a very classic look to the overall decor.

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