Glass Bathroom Shelves for Contemporary Bathroom Interior Ideas

Installing glass bathroom shelves should be a good way to have simplicity in your live. Hanging your towels or clothing on nails will make your bathroom looks so messy. It also raises any risks of your clothes to be torn. A smart yet simple way to keep your stuff tidy and kept well is by applying shelf inside your bathroom. It is as to put your stuff, and easy to take them whenever you need.

Beautiful White Glass Bathroom Shelves near Indoor Flower Planter

Chrome shelves might be a nice choice for you. Glass bathroom shelves chrome will also beautify and give a little touch of elegance in your bathroom. These are some example of chrome bathroom shelves for you. The first is CZA-1016A by CHAIZU. This dual tiers bathroom shelf has a silver sleek appearance, with half round side that will give an elegant impression to your bathroom. Costs in $7.9-11.9, this one will be perfect for you. Another example is SMD-0624A by Shengmeide. This one costs as $0.3-0.5 much per item. With its triple tiers model, this shelf will able to keep more amount of items.

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Contemporary Wall Glass Bathroom Shelves for Decorative Display

Contemporary Glass Bathroom Shelves near Wall Tiles for Shower Room

Made by VIGA, this simple shelf will match your simple contemporary bathroom. Its glass base is held by metal with chrome as its final surface finishing. This one is single tier, with clear simplicity as you can imagine. DC-07SC by First Horse is also available for you to choose with its simple triple tiers and sleek chromed appearance. Slimmer body which been extended down will help you to save more spaces in your bathroom. This shower caddy is sold in $1-10 per item.

A chromed bathroom shelf for corner with code 02-B003 was created in single tier. Shaped in heart, this chromed shelf is actually made from brass that had been covered. Completed by gratings, you don’t need to worry that water will stagnate in your pretty shelf. Lots of number of other shelves you can find surrounds you. This link provides other glass bathroom shelves brushed nickel for you to choose by checking them out one by one.

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