Small Ottoman for Fashionable Room Interior with High End Theme

Most of designers have unique way in expressing their mind; one of them might be manifested in the fashion designer room theme with small ottoman. You don’t need to be a real fashion designer to employ this theme. If you love fashion and appreciates its unexceptional ideas, this room theme might also be suitable for you. Let’s take a look at Sara Berman’s house which is located in London. As she is a fashion designer, she has her own way to show it to anyone even without introducing her profession.

Coffee Table Ottoman Ideas with Red Color Accent

The fashion designer room theme ideas decorate the living room with small ottoman with storage, and striped wallpaper in combination of dark brown and grey. Around the living’s corner, we can find a yellow lounge chair next to the bookshelf. It is placed on top of a black and white rug. On the wall, we can find two old paintings which give fashionable action in the room. Wide window glasses are used to give more natural light in the room. Sara’s study room is also utilized as her working room, the place to pour all of her creativity in a drawing. The bookshelves are attached on the wall, the wooden desk and transparent chair are placed facing the glass window.

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Designer Room Theme Used Blue Wall Decor for kids Bedroom in minimalist Touch Single Bed

Living room near Traditional Fashioner Room Theme Wooden Beams

When we look at the bedroom, Sara chooses to put a classic touch in it. The headboard has a beautiful carving as combined with purple cover. Although the bed sheet is in pink, small cushions on top of it are covered by violet and pink. The majestic bed is combined with metallic grey wallpaper with luxurious pattern. A royal touch is emanated when we enter the bathroom. It has a curvy bathtub on top of a wooden floor. It also has a mannequin to put a bathrobe.

Small Coffee Table Ottoman with Unique Design

Round Coffee Table Ottoman with White Rug and Sofas

The furniture employed in the fashion designer house ranges from the classic ones in a more private area such as living room and bathroom, and contemporary design for the public area such as living room and kitchen. Fashion inspired wallpaper will also be able to give a sense of art and inspiration in the house. This creative fashion designer room theme is a good inspiration with small ottoman table for those who acknowledge exquisite art.

Small Round Coffee Table Ottoman in Modern Style