60+ Creative Bedroom Ideas for Small Room

Some creative examples of bedroom design for small space room (space saving trick) – Ideas of small bedroom design is needed to maximize the small space in your room well. Sometimes it is very confuse how to start putting some stuff into your bedroom because you have to choose some tiny furniture. This challenge needs a real creativity. There are many ideas that you can applied to your room so that it can be make you endure.

Small bedroom ideas will need a good light source. Sometimes the room may not have any window. So that you can take some pictures or photographs in your small room’s wall, or why don’t make your roof to be one or two windows. The windows should be big because you need the fresh air in the room, moreover in the daylight. The windows also should be easy to reach because you need to open it in the morning and in the night. For the light source in the night, you can use two table lamps on your right side and your left side, between your bedrooms.

So how if you need to take two mattresses for your children whether you just have a small bedroom ideas? The trick is by divide the room onto two sides. For the high room but small, you can divide it by two sides for up and down. Just utilized some part of your room to make it happen. Then, the remaining room used as desk, little cupboard, or anything that you need. You also should add the table lamp on the desk and a ceiling lamp on it.

Small bedroom ideas should be able to present the impression of a minimalist, with does not show too much stuff in the room. Stuff which shown is only a few needed items. In addition, the color selection is very important. It can be combined any materials such as wood furniture or make a different atmosphere by build a water flowing beside in the bedroom.Don’t forget the ceilings.  People like beautiful ceilings.  You can accent and embellish them with paints, decorative finishes, or other things.  Stenciling or wallpaper also looks great on the ceiling.  You could also paint the ceiling to go with the color on the walls.  Make sure the paint color on the ceiling is a little lighter than the wall color.

Don not ignores the beauty of the room. You need some great touch like fabric curtain, a carpet, and colorful bedroom for your children. The small bedroom ideas are depend on your wish to appear the feeling.

Need some inspiration? Check these out!

1. Flipping Mattress

A working desk turns into a ready-to-use bed. Creative idea via Freunde von Freunden.

2. Multifunction Bed as Furniture

Get inspired with this such kind of transforming furniture by resourcefurniture.

3. Sofa to Wall Bed

This product is named Kalisofa which is a horizontally opening, twin space saving wall bed that features a 7′ sofa. A nice inspiring product from resourcefurniture to maximize space and transform from day to night.

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4. Single Bed to Double

Designed by Suite NY, this simple but elegant single-to-double bed is really inspiring.

5. Elastic Concertina Bed

Not really elastic, but you can hide this bed behind any other furniture or behind wall without having to fold the bed. Nice design by Concealed Bed UK.

6. Desk, Storage and Wall Bed in One

This Poppy “Murphy” bed is a twin-size, space saving wall bed with upper hanging and/or shelving storage. Another inspiring shelving system product from Resource Furniture.

7. Elegant Wall Bed

Elegant wall bed design by WallBedfactory.

8. Sofa and Wall Bed

Nice sofa wall bed by Resource Furniture.

9. Altea Book Sofa Wall Bed

The Altea Book Sofa wall bed features an interior bookshelf system and two-seat sofa.via Resource Furniture.

10. Vertically Opening Wall Bed

This system is available as a twin size space saving wall bed or an intermediate size wall bed at Resource Furniture.

11. Guest Wall Bed

Wall bed for guest. via Resource Furniture.

12. Pop out desk and Wall

via Resource Furniture.

13. Murphy Bed

Designer: Resource Furniture.

14. Murphy Bed

Another space-saving bed from Resource Furniture.

15. Elegant Sofa Bed

Paris micro apartment-inspired sofa bed, a design via Tree Hugger.

16. Hidden Bed Under Sofa

17. Efficiently Hidden Bed

via Point Architecture.

18. Roll away Bed

via Tumidei.

19. Bed Under Ceiling

Bed is hidden efficiently under ceiling, suitable for kid or teenager bedroom.

20. Bed in ceiling

via Yo! Home.

21. Liftbed – Elevating Design Bed

via Liftbed.

22. Loft Bed

via Protohaus Interior.

23. Room within room

via Tumidei.

24. Private Bedroom

Via Todd Selby.

25. Bedroom Hidden in The Rafters

26. Up Bedroom

via JJLocations.

27. The Cabin Bed

via holzlaborbern.ch.

28. High Shelf-bed

via Dwell.

29. Efficient Bunk Bed

30. Elegant Minimalist Bunkbed

31. Bunk Beds

32. Beds under a sloping roof

33. The Under-stair Bedroom

34. Under-stair Double Bed

via Antony Crolla.

More Inspirations for Small Bedroom Design

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36. Elegant Small Modern Design

37. Unique Classic Design

38. Modern Bedroom

39. Small Bedroom Idea

40. Luxury Small Bedroom Design

41. Small Roof Bedroom

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43. Pink Small Bedroom Design

44. Penthouse-like Small Bedroom

45. Elegant Design Small Bedroom

46. Effective Bedroom Layout Design

47. Simple Bedroom Design

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49. Perfect for Teenager

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51. Beauty Minimalist Bedroom Idea

52. Simple Artistic Small Bedroom Inspiration

53. Inspiring Small Bedroom at Roof Space

54. Small But Inspiring Design

55. Hotel Style Small Bedroom Idea

56. More Inspiration

57. Small Bedroom In Corner Small Space

58. More Minimalist Design

59. Homy Bedroom Design

60. More Idea

61. Small Deluxe Personal Bedroom