Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the space to escape from everything. It needs to be cozy and relaxing while creating a statement about your individual fashion. There really are numerous choices to select from that include floor-to-ceiling silk panels, more heavy brocade drapes and shutters that are even plantation.

bedroom window treatment

Straightforward Panels

Straightforward panels really are a new approach to bring the decor of a room’s . It’s possible for you to accomplish this in several ways through using pattern, colour and texture. Straightforward panels can also be an effective method to generate a window treatment that is beautiful when accompanied by plantation shutters. You can pick linen panels to get silk panels or an easy, practical layout which support a feeling that is romantic or elegant.

2 bedroom window treatment

Drapery and valance Panels

Drapery panels and Valances really are an excellent solution to highlight a window. Valances may be covered in a solid colour or a pattern to get the disposition of the room. They invoke simplicity or can add play.

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3 bedroom window treatment


One window and another may have plantation shutters and drapery, respectively but it might create depth and interest, when pulled alongside the rest of the layout of the room.

4 bedroom window treatment

Creating Familiarity

It’s definitely pleasant to really have a romantic air in regards to the area while a bedroom needs to be practical. An excellent alternative would be to make familiarity with layered panels including floating panels that are sheer joined with panels of changing texture.

5 bedroom window treatment

Different types of window treatments in panels diverse colours and feels may be used in a dizzying variety of blends. They need to be exquisite in addition to practical. Plantations shutters really are an excellent way to raise the area ‘s solitude and also to save energy. They add value to your house, and are elegant, long-lasting in addition to fit nicely into almost any decor.