Unique Bookshelves for Modern CD Storage in Home Design Idea

Some people find it devastating to organize their stacks of compact disk (CD); therefore they try to find modern cd storage solutions with unique bookshelves to resolve the matter. A modern CD storage is usually arranged in a way that it would be considered as both CD holder and decoration inside the room.

Let’s take a look at several modern CD storage solutions design with unique bookshelves for small rooms. The first CD storage is designed to look similar as a DNA chain with twisty sides. It comes with various heights from a 30 cm tall up to one meter tall, it also has different colors; red, yellow, white, and blue. This CD storage is suitable for science geeks who want to give modern and ergonomic touch inside the house. The second one is a monochrome shelf which can be mounted on the wall. This shelf can be placed either vertically or horizontally. It is also divided into four main layers so that it’s easier for you to sort the CD based on its feature.

Made from Wooden Material for Modern Solutions Tiered Setting

If you love the old way, you might want to use an acrylic flip CD rack. It is basically similar to those CD racks we used to have. You can put it on the table or on the countertop near the CD player. The advantage of having this acrylic CD rack is because we can see the full cover of the CD so that we can make a better decision on which one we want to play. An artistic CD holder involves small sculpture beside the actual rack. In human CD holder, for example, the rack is only made in a simple square; however, there a man figurine is used to support the rack as if he was about to move it.

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Modern Solutions in White Decor Media Cabinet

Modern Solutions near Wooden Material Sliding Door

Room Completed near Modern Solutions near Wooden Material TV Stand

If you have many CDs, you might want to have a higher rack such as a DVD tower. This shelf does not have a massive wall; instead, it is only composed of a steel wire. It has a curvy design to give a cozy touch inside your room. There are actually plenty unique bookshelves ideas; you shall choose it based on your needs and interests.