Wall Mounted Planters with Outdoor Wall Art for Home Exterior Design

Many homes around us installing wall mounted planters to decorate their garden. Many kinds of art are provided by quite number of designers such as botanical, animal, lamps, wall canvas, and many others, even the abstract one. These things of art are sold almost everywhere, especially in outdoor stuff stores. Now, this is the right time for you to peep some of those creative ideas. Maybe one will fit your heart.

An amazing Climbing Green Dragon will shock your guests whenever they walk around your garden and find this one. Made from metal as its main material, this wall mounted planters home depot really presence an enchanting impression for you who loves dragon. This will be good to be put on porch, garden wall, or sunroom. A similar masterpiece named Metal Dragon With Solar Color-Changing Ball also could be your choice. With red metal color, this 3 dimensions dragon is completed by a magic ball that can absorb sun’s energy during the day and show a fantastic color changing at night.

Art in Red Tones Supported near Accent Lighting for Amazing Image at Evening Wooden Fireplace

If you like simpler animal, maybe you will be impressed with the Stained Glass Dragonfly. This one made from copper that will give a little sheen in a bright day. Its colorful crafted wings will take about 2 feet long on your wall space. Another unique art is the Flying Antique Metal Owl. Just like its name, this one made from metal, in this case is copper that was crafted into a shape of a flying owl. Its yellow eyes create an amazing impression, completed by both wings that span for about 3 feet long. Painted in brown, surely this art will blend in perfect way with your garden.

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Art near Mounted Wooden Planters near Lush Vegetation to Work near Wooden Wall also Fencing Hanging Garden

Blue also Wooden Frame Combined near Simple but Beautiful Garden near Greens also Stone Blue Engraving

Wall art isn’t always about 3 dimension animal or creature. You can have another cute art to decorate your outdoor like the Cat Lovers Plaque. This one is a cute hanging plaque, with No Home Is Complete without a Cat text written on it. The word Cat itself was been expressed by an illustration of a cat. If you have a stand, this plaque is able to be used as a standing art too. See? There are a lot of wall art you can choose to beautify your garden. For other wall mounted planters indoor, you can check out more by clicking the link given.