Wooden Wall and Floor Decoration Ideas

This wooden wall and simple building is located on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia and named Sheares Quarter as the companion of the old-fashioned in-shore cottage. John Wardle Architects has designed an artistic home with the timber as the main material to cover interior and exterior of this building. This house has no fence and stands on rugged landscape and the view of sea.

Arfternoon Showign that Lamps Giving Bright the Area

Shearers Quarter is the wooden wall decor, which has open and spacious room inside. Under the fine wooden and low ceiling, a roomy reading space provides tranquility with the landscape scene through the wide glass wall of the half part of the facing outside wall. Sliding glass door also gives the conventional concept for this architecture design. The books are neatly arranged in the block-wall bookshelf aside the clear glass wall. Contemporary and stylish furniture helps to make please for everyone who comes in the wooden room. The long rectangular timber-made table provides you to have comfortable reading.

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Cool Bedrooms Showing Black Chair Standing Alone in the Home that White Bed

Cool View in Home that Wooden Chairs also Carpet Beside the Kitchen Table at the Home

In the corner, a modern kitchen in wooden design gives the interior a noteworthy look since all the cabinetry and racks are arty wooden craft. The wooden wall has the natural timber texture and pattern and the assembly is in horizontal. Checking in the bedroom, the wooden wall presents a picturesque arrangement of stripy timber in diagonal gradation. The other sidewall which facing the beautiful outside view, the wall design has it function also as ventilation for the air regulation.

It is a lovely hut about the sea. When the dark has come, the house seems to glow in golden for the light is set with the tender yellowish light. The glow comes through the wooden wall slits and transparent glass installation. On this shore, this building brings the modern wooden wall design among the natural and arid background.