110 Inspiring Small Living Room Ideas

Do you live in a small flat with a tiny living room? Many flats in big cities like London are in contrast to the bulky size of the cities themselves. However, there are small living room ideas to make your living room look visually larger.

White should be your treatment of choice for the walls of any small living room ideas. If you do not like white, you can safely go for beige or light grey, although pale colors always suit small spaces better than dark or stronger ones. Accessories can be used to give the touch of color plain white lacks.The floor should also be of a light color. Whether you have wooden floors, carpet, or even tiles, keeps the floor tones light if you don’t want your white walls to take full responsibility for the visual size of your living room.

Furniture can be considered the most important element in small living room ideas, so it should be chosen carefully. Bright colors, as we said before, have less visual weight and can fight the impression of a tight space. Having furniture with legs adds to this effect as well. It leaves a bigger portion of the floor uncovered, which creates the feeling of a larger surface. For the same reason, having a glass tea table is an excellent choice, as you can guess.This may seem an obvious tip, but it’s a good idea to buy small furniture to furnish an undersized room. Be careful not to overdo it, but opting for armless chairs, for instance, can do the trick.

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Mirrors can really work wonders with small living room ideas. However, they have to be handled with care. Their main purpose is to reflect light. Their effectiveness will depend on where you locate them. Test the mirror in different positions in the room to see which one is best.We can’t make the room physically bigger, so it’s deceiving the eye we need to focus on. Using tall and stylized objects will make your brain think there’s more space around them. Try to avoid horizontal ornaments if you can: Use tall, thin mirrors and/or paintings, floor lamps, tables with several layers.

It is never a bad idea to have an expert take a look at your house and give you small living room ideas, handle any potential improvements, or offer you their furniture catalogue. Ideally choose a firm that knows the area well and are as aware of the “universals” as of the local trends.

These are inspiring living room designs from minimalist to modern ideas for small space: