124 Various Living Room Design Ideas

If you are willing to shell out some money, you can implement some really fabulous living room design ideas to make your living room not only attractive, but also functional.

You should draft living room design ideas for large or small rooms according to the dimensions of your room. Large living rooms should be divided into multiple activity areas. You could have an entertainment center with a piano, or a section with the focus on the fire place, with seats arranged around it. Conversely, if you have a living room with smaller space you should go for different living room design ideas. In such cases, your living room design ideas should aim at freeing floor space by removing unwanted objects and furniture from the room. You can have wall shelves to solve the purpose. This makes the room uncluttered and comfortable.

Theme based living room design ideas could be great. The rustic living room design idea gives the room lived-in, comfortable and rough unfurnished look. Rustic themes include cowboy, Native America and farm. The formal living room design uses symmetrical forms and opulent/braided/fringed window and ceiling treatments. The Victorian design uses the intricate, elaborate and elegant designs and motifs of the Victorian Era. Luxury living rooms use glass panels, wood, cubism décor and daylight for stunning visual effects. However, you must know that contemporary living room design ideas stress on minimalism and free space.

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Add some accessories for a perfect living room design ideas. Accessories play a significant role in making your living room design ideas successful. Cushion covers and colors can be changed to reflect the four seasons-springs, summer, autumn and winter. Area rugs and luxurious window valances make the living room interesting. Glass ornaments can be placed before large windows so that when the daylight strikes them it creates a beautiful dance of colors in the room.

Choose the right color for complementing your living room design ideas. The color blue is always good for your living room design ideas. It creates a mood of relaxation, royalty and tranquility in the room. Dark shades of blue give a cozy effect to the room whereas light shades give a relaxing ambiance. You can also try white. Lavish use of white color exudes a sense of purity, tidiness and cleanliness.

The living room design ideas discussed in this article makes your living room a great place for your family to enjoy each other’s company and share many memorable bonding moments. Lets start with ideas #1: Minimalist design:

Minimalist Living Room Designs

Modern Living Room Inspirations

Traditional or Classic Living Room Designs

Retro Style

Industrial Style

Masculine Style for Men

Feminine Designs

Comfy Style for Fall Season

Stylish Design for Summer Season

Neutral Stylish Design

Elegant Dark Style

Scandinavian Style

Bohemian Style

Moroccan Style