Dark Sky Landscape Lighting

It is been a very long time since we have talked about landscape lighting could be carried out in a dark sky friendly manner. In fact, the past time we covered this issue was before LED light became the primary landscape lighting products.

That is chosen from the Model Light Ordinance viewing outside residential light of the International Dark Sky Association:

  • At front entrance, one unshielded fixture to not exceed one shielded fixture to not surpass 1260 lumens or 630 lumens. The most lumen output signal excluding primary entrance of unshielded luminaires to be no more than 315 lumens. A fixture that is shielded will not permit any light to be emitted over the horizontal plane of the fixture.
  • Low voltage landscape light fixtures trained away from adjoining properties never to exceed 525 lumens each.
  • Shielded directional flood lighting not transcending 1260 lumens and trained so that direct glare isn’t visible from adjoining properties.
  • Light installed using a vacancy detector, where the lights are extinguished by the detector no more than a quarter-hour following the place is vacated.

lighting idea for dark sky

The reason that there are hardly any limitations lighting is just as it really does not give substantially and over all light pollution. This doesn’t mean yet that an outdoor lighting designer must not take steps to ensure that the Dark Sky MLO is not only followed by their layout but really improves on it.

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dark sky light lamp

dark lighting lamp idea

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It’s not a great thought to use wattages of lamps to modulate the output signal of lighting fixtures since some high wattage halogen lamps can not create more lumens than a low wattage LED lamp or fixture. I agree that there’s actually no need to really go in a dark sky friendly development, particularly above 525 lumens per low voltage landscape light fixture.

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We believe that this statement strikes a good balance allowing the designer to generate an outdoor lighting system that is great on almost any property and still go past the Dark Sky MLO. Property owner’s should also bear in mind any added constraints implemented by the Homeowner’s Association, telling the designer ahead of time, to ensure alterations that are high-priced are unnecessary following the fact.

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