Foldable Table for Classy Private Jet Interior Design

Wealthy people do not travel with ordinary civil aircraft, instead they uses their own private jet with lavish private jet interior design which applies foldable table. Different from an ordinary aircraft, a private jet is customized according to the taste of its owner. One many private jets are owned by Jackie Chan, a world renowned actor. His private jet is manufactured by Embraer on its Legacy 650 jet. As any other private jets, this one has a very luxurious design by employing leather as its main material.

Beige Leather Chair also Minimalist Style in Modern Touch Wooden Door

The private jet interior design ideas combine brown and crème color such as for the foldable table legs in order to give luxurious and spacious impression upon the passengers. When you first enter the aircraft, you’ll be greeted by an outstanding cabin dominated in crème. This cabin has 13 seats which can be adjusted into a bed. Forget the uncomfortable aircraft seat as this private jet uses a large recliner with cup holder on its arm. It uses wooden tabletop which can be folded and stored in the aircraft’s wall.

Modern Decoration Used Grey also Style Spacious Room

At the backside of the airplane, you can see a well-organized kitchen and bar made on wooden material. On top of the counter, we can find a coffee maker, sink, and a microwave to heat the meals on board. Above the sink, there are wine and beer glasses arranged in a glass cabinet. The beverage itself is stored inside the counter together with sparkling water and ice cube. This jet’s bathroom has similar furniture to the kitchen and bar as it employs wooden counter and white countertop.

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Furniture used in a private jet shall be simple but suitable for the jet set needs. Therefore Jackie uses a quite wide table to support his work on board. The table is spacious enough for a coffee cup, newspaper, cell phone, and a 14-inch laptop. He does not use too much decoration as it will be dangerous when the plane takes off and lands. However, small pot with tiny plants attached in the surface can also be found in this plane. This luxurious private jet interior design with foldable table and chair set is very suitable for anyone’s suite life.

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Sofa Decor Inspiration in Modern Private Jet Inspiration Leather Sofa