Garage Light for Sophisticated Underground Garage Design

When you have a little space for your house, yet you have many vehicles, you might want to choose an underground garage design with garage light. An ordinary underground design might be cool; however a hydraulic powered garage is more sophisticated. The design of a hydraulic powered garage is proposed by Cardok, a company based in the Great Britain. Cardok has created a new innovation in saving space and providing more security.

Blue Car in the Garage with Natural Lights

The underground garage design idea designed with garage light led is developed in a way that we could actually use the top of the garage for anything else. You can place cardok in your backyard or front yard and give a little camouflage on top of it. However, when you want to park your car in, you can lift the garage up by pressing the remote control. The ground will be lifted up and it provides you with the parking space.

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The cardok comes with various design, depends on your need. You can order for one or two level of parking lot. It only requires you to utilize the same piece of land for two cars as the cars will be put in level. They also have customized size too, so there is no need to worry if you change cars. Or if you simply want to create a wider area for your car’s safety, a standard design cardok is enough for a Porsche Carrera; however, it will not have enough width to accommodate an Alfa Romeo 4C as it has a wider chassis.

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Having a cardok as a basement garage is the perfect combination between saving space and utilizing technology. Although it is a new way of opening and closing your garage, you might also feel like living in a secret agent residence by using it. Besides, it also offers you more privacy and security in keeping your precious ride. In conclusion, this new underground garage design which applies garage light covers suits a modern lifestyle in a limited space.

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