Glass Front Doors for Luxurious Prefab Home Design with Modern Living

When you prefer to live a nomadic life, luxury prefab homes which apply glass front doors might be suitable for your lifestyle. Prefab home requires easy building materials and furniture. Simplicity is the most fundamental conditions for a prefab house. However, it does not mean that such home cannot be luxurious. Here’s how to make your crib majestic!

Decoration Combined near Concrete Fence in Luxury Prefab Homes for contemporary Home Wooden Home

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Let’s take a look at the Loftcube. This luxury prefab homes design with glass front doors with screen only need 36 square meter of land. The all-white furniture gives more spacious look for the residents. Besides, it also uses glass panel and louvered windows which enables the residents to look at their surroundings. This Loftcube uses multipurpose bed as it also serves as drawers and small table. As a one room prefab homes, the kitchen is also located in the same place as the bedroom. Therefore, simple and elegant kitchen appliances are a must.

Decoration Home Combined near Green Landscaping Glass Garage

If you prefer using a land transport such as lorry or caravan, the Restful Rustic is the best option. The compact cube has a bedroom, living room and a kitchen. The Restful Rustic is covered entirely by wooden panels. However, upon reaching your destination, the wooden wall can be slide into the other part, leaving glass panel walls which enable you to have a great view from the living room. The living room itself has as a wooden coffee table, a stool, and sofa overlooking the glass panels.

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The backside of Restful Rustic has a simple bedroom with wide glass window on top of the headboard which gives enough natural lighting for the residents. In terms of lighting, this prefab home uses wall lamp and hanging lamp close to the sofa and on top of the kitchen’s cabinet. It also uses floor lamp to be used as outdoor lighting in front of the loft. Such luxury prefab home ideas which are designed with glass front doors modern will be able to create comfortable atmosphere everywhere you reside.

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